بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم

من مات و لم يعرف إمام زمانه مات ميتة جاهلية
“He who dies in a condition that he has not recognized the Imam of his age dies a death of ignorance.”
(Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 4, p. 96)

God reveals Himself to The Promised Messiah (a.s):

“The God Who has manifested Himself to all the Prophets, and appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai and appeared to Jesus on Mount Seir and shone forth to Hadrat Muhammad, the chosen one [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] on Mount Paran, the same Mighty and Holy God has manifested Himself to me. He has talked to me and has said: I am the High Being to establish Whose worship all the Prophets were sent. I alone am the Creator and the Master and have no associate. I am not subject to birth or death.” (Government Angrezi aur Jihad, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol.17, p.29, Essence of Islam, Vol.I, p.37)

What is the mission of the Promised Messiah a.s?

The Promised Messiah a.s says:
“The main purpose of the advent of Prophets in this world and the grand objective of their teaching and preaching is that mankind should recognize God Almighty and should be delivered from the life which leads to hell and ruin and which is known as the life of sin.” [Malfuzat, vol. 3, p.11]

The promised Messiah a.s’ life is a model for those who want to recognize God and be free from sin.

“The actual mission for which God has appointed me is to remove the estrangement that has come between man and his Creator and re-establish a relationship of love and sincerity between him and his Lord.” (Lecture Lahore)

“If you are honest then be thankful and fall prostrate with gratitude that you have found the time which was awaited by your ancestors, and longing for which countless souls have passed on to the next life. It is for you now to value it and take advantage of it or to ignore it. I shall state it repeatedly and cannot restrain myself from announcing that I am the one who has been sent at the proper time for the reform of mankind so that faith might be re-established in the hearts of people.”

The young Promised Messiah (a.s)

The Promised Messiah a.s. had attraction towards God right from his young age. He recalled that when he was “quite young I found myself powerfully attracted towards my Lord.”

He writes in Arabic poem:
I have sworn that I will not part from Him.
Even though lions should tear my body, or the wolves.
The kingdoms of men depart with their death.
But the kingdom of my Love (will never depart) is not to part for aye.

“…I remember that I was quite young when I felt myself powerfully attracted towards my Lord and there dawned upon me the dim consciousness of a future when God would use me as His instrument in carrying out one of His great plans…”

“…I recognize you that you are my God.  This is the reason my soul is excited like the way a child is excited when he sees his mother.  However, majority of people do not recognize my true status and have not accepted me.” Taryaqul Quloob.

“I have a friend whose love has pervaded my whole being and has made me averse to worldly greatness.
I see that the land of those who seek- the world, is often stricken with famine; but the land of love never sees dearth.
Most men are drawn to the- pleasures of sense, but I am attracted to that beautiful face whose sight gives eternal bliss.
I cleave to my beloved one and this nearness has lighted up the recesses of my heart.
I have vowed a solemn vow that I will never, quit His side even if lions and wolves may tear me to pieces.
Other people’s glory departs with their breath, but the glory which love brings is everlasting.
They abused me and I do not know why; shall I ever desert my friend and act against His will.”

God expressed his love to him in these very words:

“O My Ahmad, you are my purpose and are with Me.

Your secret is My secret. You are to Me as My Unity

and My Oneness. The time is near when people shall

be made ready to help you and you will become

known among men. The world is unaware of the

status you have in My eyes. God will help you in every

field. You have a place of honour with Me. I have

chosen you for Myself. I will make many people follow

you and you will be their Imam. I will inspire

people’s hearts to help you with their wealth, and financial

support shall come to you from far off places.

People will flock to you from distant lands. You must

not be impolite to them and must not grow weary of

them due to their large numbers, and pray to God,

“Do not leave me alone, You are the best Companion.”

God shall provide you with companions like ‘the

people of the bench’, and do you know who they are?

You will see tears flowing from their eyes and they

will profess, “O God, we heard the voice of one who

was calling people towards the faith….”

(Lecture Lahore pg. 53)

The Promised Messiah a.s. about God and the Purpose of Life:

“Such is my Lord, in Him you must believe and Him you must set before you. Let God be uppermost in your mind, let Him be dearer to you than your own selves, your comforts and all your connections. Be ye constant and firm in His path so that no storm might shake you. The world trusts in its resources and prefers not God to its own dear objects but trust ye in God alone and prefer Him to all else, so that you may be numbered upon heaven with His people. Almighty God has been exhibiting His signs of mercy from ancient times, but you cannot avail yourselves of His tender mercies until you are one with Him and fulfil all the laws of righteousness. His will must be your will and His desires your desires. Be faithful to Him in adversities and lie at His door whether He hearkens to your voice or not, so that. His will be done in all cases. If you trust in Him thus, the Living God who has long hidden His face from the world will manifest Himself in you. Is there anyone among you who can act upon these ordinances, who can seek to do the will of God and submit to the decree of heaven without uttering a word of complaint? When adversities encompass you all about, your faith in Him should be greater.”

Though different people, on account of their shortsightedness or lack of courage, appoint various types of objectives for their lives and stop short at worldly purposes and desires, yet the purpose that God Almighty has specified in His Holy Word is: I have created jinn and men so that they should worship me (51: 57) . According to this verse the true purpose of human life is the worship and understanding of God Almighty and devotion to Him. It is obvious that it is not open to man that he should himself appoint the purpose of his life by his own authority inasmuch as man does not arrive in the world of his own will, nor will he depart from this world of his own will. He is a created being and He Who created him and bestowed upon him better and higher faculties than those bestowed upon other animates, has appointed a purpose for his life. Whether anyone comprehends that purpose or not, without doubt the purpose of man’s creation is the worship and understanding of God Almighty and to lose himself in Him (Islami Usul ki Philosophy; Now printed in Ruhani Khazain (London, 1984), Vol. 10, p. 100).

The real purpose of all the external and internal limbs and faculties that have been bestowed on man is understanding and worship and love of God. That is why, despite a thousand occupations, man does not find his true well being except in God Almighty. Having acquired great wealth, or achieved high office, or having become a great merchant, or having acquired governing authority, or become a great philosopher, he departs in the end from these worldly involvements with a sense of frustration. His heart rebukes him all the time about his deep concern with the world and his conscience never approves his wiles and deceits and wrongful actions. This problem can be appreciated in another way. The purpose of the creation of a thing is determined by its highest achievement beyond which its faculties cannot rise. For instance, the highest a bullock is capable of is ploughing, or irrigation, or transportation, and therefore these are the purpose of its life and it cannot rise above them. But when we take stock of man’s faculties and powers to discover his highest capacity, we find that he is invested with the faculty of seeking after God so much so that he desires that he should become so devoted to God’s love that he should have nothing of his own and that everything should become God’s. He shares his natural needs like food and drink and rest with other animates, and in industry some animals are ahead of him; for instance, the bees produce such excellent honey from every type of flower that man has so far not been able to compete with them. It is clear, therefore, that the highest capacity of man is meeting with God Almighty and thus the true purpose of his life is that the window of his heart should open towards God. (www.alislam.org/books/essence/chap18/chap18.html)

Our paradise is in our God. Our highest delight is in our God for we have seen Him and found every beauty in Him. This wealth is worth procuring even though one may have to lay down one’s life to procure it. This ruby is worth purchasing though one may have to lose one’s self to acquire it. O ye, who are bereft, run to this fountain and it will save you. What shall I do, and by what drum shall I make the announcement that this is your God, so that people might hear? What remedy shall I apply to their ears so that they should listen. If you belong to Allah, rest assured that Allah will indeed belong to you.”
(Roohani Khazain Vol. 19: Kashti Nuh, pp. 21-22)

“The fountain-head of true delight is God.”

“…I had to undergo the severest hardships. I flung myself into the fire of love and was wholly consumed. My heart bled and I was ground to dust. It was then that He revealed to me His radiant face and I got not only revelation but also true wisdom.”What avail are the spring and flowers to me?
I am ever in the garden contemplating Thy Face.
Would I care for anyone who can teach?
I have received tuition from my Lord and Protector.
The eternal benevolence has drawn so near to me,
That the Voice of the Lord reaches me from the farthest nook and corner.

If Thy lovers have to lose their heads for daring in Thy name,
Then I would be the first one to proclaim his love for Thee.”

“…It is a Law of God that He always raises a reformer at the time of spiritual and moral decay. Agreebly to this law, He revealed Himself to me that through me He might infuse new life into men dead in spirit. He exalted me to the dignity of Mahdi and Messiah and opened up to me all the treasures of sacred wisdom. He has made me His instrument in bringing falsehood to naught. The reason of the Messiah being styled the Judge (Hakam) is that he shall make his appearance when the Muslim community shall have been split into many and contending sects. The Messiah shall put a stop to all discord by his just and final verdict in all religious questions. In his days no system of belief shall be free from conflict of opinions. But he shall sift truth from error and shall take up the side of truth and declare against error. The cause of his being called the Mahdi (the Guided) is that for his wisdom and knowledge he shall not be indebted to mortals but the Almighty Himself shall be his instructor and guiding star as He was of the Holy Prophet. He shall enjoy personal communion with God and shall be educated in the seminary of heaven.. He is entitled the Messiah because for the propagation of Islam he shall not wield weapons but shall place his sole reliance upon heaven whose blessings he shall call down as if by a miraculous touch and gain his ends through them. The weapon at his command shall be his heartfelt prayer uttered with tearful eyes…”

Life of Ahmad pg. 44: